Mother of the Bride make-up…

Mother of the Bride make-up…

Project Description

Mum’s of the Bride’s are always very sceptical, (and rightly so), about having their make-up done.  They have often had bad experiences with people applying their make-up, (whether that be on counter or somewhere else.)  They also like their make-up done in a particular way, as they may have been doing something for a long time, (e.g, applying black eyeliner under their eyes), and are afraid to step out of their comfort zone and perhaps, soften their make-up and try something new.

I love to do Mother of the Brides make-ups/Mature ladies make-ups.  I always find it very rewarding, (especially if someone is particularly nervous about someone applying their make-up.)  Most ladies haven’t ever had their make-up applied by a Professional make-up artist.  It is a very specialised area, much different to a Beautician, where they concentrate on skin, nails, etc.

Make-up is a very personal thing, and for a stranger to enter their personal space and apply make-up to their face, well, its very scary! I totally understand that.  This is where I can step in and totally make them feel at ease and make sure they are happy with every step.  I always like to try and persuade them to have some lovely false eyelashes, (when I mention this, I am often met with a look of horror and an abrupt, “No thank you!”) but, I always, say, “its not a bad thing to have longer, thicker lashes!) The lashes always enhance the eyes, without looking too, “false”!  I offer these as standard, and really don’t like to compromise the look, if I can.

My approach to make-up is very classic and natural – enhancing what someone has naturally, but also defining it in a way it is soft, natural and pretty.

When I show them their reflection in the mirror at the end of the makeup application, it is then you see the amazement and smile, then the hugs…Its all down to trust without a doubt, and once people step out of their comfort zone and trust me, then I can do my job better and help them not only look fantastic, but feel fantastic!  It makes it all worthwhile x