51.) Jasmine.

51.) Jasmine.

Project Description

Jasmine came to me for a make-up lesson as she was unsure of make-up in general, her main concern being how to use eyeshadow and make the most of her skin.

We focused on using the right skin prep, using the right foundation – Bobbi Brown foundation stick, (she has beautiful skin so I didn’t use much at all!) Concealer was used, (a tiny bit under the eyes.)  I then showed her how to enhance her skin by using a highlighter.  I love dewy skin, so I only lightly powdered under the eyes and down the t-zone, the rest as you can see, was left glowing and natural, enhanced by the gorgeous BECCA highlighter product in Pearl.

Brows were left feathery and set with a tiny bit of brow gel by Diego Dalla Palma.  As she was unfamiliar with eyeshadows, I showed her how to use an eyeshadow crayon by Bobbi Brown, very easy and quick to use – it doesn’t have to be rocket science. 2 shades were used and then I used a sparkle eyeshadow for a bit of texture.  An easy smoky eye.

A bit of definition along the lash line and underneath the waterline and a tad of mascara, (Bobbi Brown gel liner and her long wear mascara.)

I then used a cream blush, (Pot rouge by Bobbi Brown in Fresh melon.)  I added extra highlighter if needed.

Lips were kept very natural, and she didn’t like lip gloss, so I used a pencil first to keep the lipstick on longer, (both Pale Pink.)

Jasmine loved the finished result and e-mailed me after to say how everyone at work loved her new look too!