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GLOSSIER review.

This brand has been intriguing me for quite some time. There's been a bit of a buzz about it and the thing that drew me to want to try it was that it promoted a "less is more" approach to beauty, which as you probably know, I love. I think the whole industry actually needs a brand like this to shake up the whole drag queen look thing that is dictating at the moment, (even though, for [...]

Valentines day makeup by Tina Brocklebank.

Valentines day…

I can't wait for January to be out of the way! I don't know about you, but I find it a bit depressing! What with Christmas and New Year just gone, I am feeling a bit frazzled to say the least, so I am really looking forward to Spring, (plus its my birthday...not that I am looking forward to being a year older!) My make-up studio is coming along nicely. There's still a bit to do, but I aim [...]

Tina Brocklebank Make-up artist - Day make-up.

My day make-up products and routine…

I don't get a lot of time in the morning for make-up, but saying that, I do make it a priority. I can wake up feeling pretty crappy and frankly, looking it too! So the whole ritual of looking after my skin and applying make-up, for me, is a necessity and if I don't do it, I feel rubbish all day, not to mention look tired, and well, lets face it, ill!! I like to start by cleansing my [...]

Bobbi Brown Extra balm rinse

My top 4 cleansers…

Yep, I'm a sucker for trying out new products, lotions and potions. My bathroom shelf resembles a shelf in Boots the chemist, I'll admit. I have tried most cleansers and for me personally a good cleanser, has to smell nice, be of a good creamy consistency, isn't harsh or too strongly perfumed, and makes my skin clean quickly and effectively, ready for toning and moisturising. Obviously, there are so many different cleansers available now, its easy not to [...]

Tina Brocklebank Make-up artist

Make-up tips for the day after the night before…

The November Lincoln Journal is out and my column for this month focuses on "morning after make-up"! Something which I know a lot about sadly! After abstaining from drinking alcohol for about 4 months I thought it was a good idea one night to drink quite a lot, which left me feeling, and looking, like something from The Walking dead. Needless to say, I had to venture out, so I needed to apply a tad of make-up, just so [...]

My day make-up faves.

My day make-up faves…

My day make-up favourites include - (Skin prep is - Paula's choice Hydrating cleanser, splash of very cold water and then Paula's choice Anti-ageing moisturiser SPF50. Bobbi Brown Extra repair eye cream. I am also using Paula's choice Skin perfecting 2% BHA liquid, Anti-ageing 1% Retinol booster and/or Resist C15 Super Booster.) Base - Bobbi Brown retouching wand in Light, warmed up with the Bobbi Brown Bronzing gel in Joe Brown. BECCA Peach corrector under the eyes. [...]

Irina - natural make-up.

Less is more?

I was inspired to blog today, after working with a lovely lady who travelled from Hull to have a make-up lesson with me. During her initial telephone enquiry she was very concerned about her make-up, skin and wanted to have a "make-up overhaul". She had been thinking about coming to see me for quite a while. She didn't really wear foundation and just wore a little bit of pencil underneath her eyes. Irina's concerns included - Is her [...]

Halloween/feather false lashes

Halloween/spider lashes.

I was inspired to create this look as I had some Eldora feather false eyelashes which I had bought a few years back, and I was waiting for the right opportunity to use them! I used Make-up Forever HD foundation and highlighter. I then used a Rodial contouring powder. Brows were blocked out using Urban Decay Subversion white mascara and concealer by Bobbi Brown using a MAC fan brush. I then used an Urban Decay Naked heat [...]

Charlotte Tilbury Kim K.W

My current 5 faves…

OK, I admit it, I am a make-up and skincare junkie. I love trying out new brands and products and I often get sent new products to try...someone has to do it! Amongst my current favourites are - 1. Paula's choice - Skin perfecting 2% BHA liquid exfoliant - Removes built up dead skin cells and fights blemishes. BHA is salicylic acid which has anti-inflammatory properties. I saw the difference in my skin only the next morning. [...]

Halloween/spider make-up/ramblings…

I love getting creative with make-up, it takes me back to when I was in my teens at school, loving Art. I used to sit for hours drawing faces, (especially eyes for some reason!) listening to music. In my twenties I discovered Body painting whilst I was studying Beauty Therapy, (I was doing a City and Guilds course at North Lindsey college.) I always knew I wanted to get into Make-up artistry, but there wasn't anything happening where [...]