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Skincare, menopause and HRT.

Hello! I am chuffed that I have reached 250 subscribers! I wanted to do this blog as I get a bit fed up with social media and so wanted to keep what I write about solely on my website.  So then I know when I post it is going to people who are genuinely interested. Sadly, The Journal which I have been Beauty Editor for, for about 8 years is no more and it is time to move on for me. [...]


Hello…its me!

So, just a little "Hello".  How are you doing during Lockdown 2? I hope you are doing ok and staying safe and sane. I had my last wedding of the year on the 31st of October.  I was so happy for the lovely Bride that day as she was going to opt for the 7th of November so it all worked out for her, she had an amazing day. I am keeping busy with exercising everyday and doing my Yoga, which [...]

COVID-19 Infection prevention and control certificate.

Thank you.

I just wanted to get in touch with you and personally say a big THANK YOU for your support and co-operation during this very difficult time. I returned back to work after 5 months, at the end of August for my first wedding back.  It was so nice to get back to what I love doing, albeit a little nerve wracking... I have always took a great pride in my customer service, my work and hygiene practises. I want to ensure you [...]

Tina Brocklebank Makeup artist

Virtual makeup lessons

I am excited to now be offering Virtual makeup lessons!  After the recent success of the NHS Morale boost day which I completed, (where I spoke to NHS workers all over the U.K).  A scheme set up by celeb Makeup artist, Caroline Barnes.  (I was very honoured to be involved!), I have decided to make virtual lessons an on-going service and they are proving very popular!  I really enjoy doing them!  I have also recently been helping Mums with their [...]

NHS morale boost

Virtual makeup lessons.

I am excited to say I am going to be offering virtual makeup lessons during the lockdown (and on an ongoing basis) via Zoom.  I have already done a few and had some great feedback!  Please contact me for more information as I can cater it for your requirements.  Sessions start from £75 for an hour lesson. I am also taking part in a great project set up by the wonderful Caroline Barnes, for NHS workers, offering free, virtual 1-1 [...]

Virtual makeup lessons and Covid-19 virus update.

Well, where do I start!!?  As you are aware by now we are in lockdown and so I am unable to physically see my clients and work on weddings.  I am heartbroken for all of my lovely Brides who have had to make the extremely difficult decision to postpone their wedding to either the end of this year or to next year. I am honouring as many weddings as I can, by simply transferring them straight across to their new [...]

Tina Brocklebank makeup brushes and bag

Exclusive Makeup lesson offer…

Hi, just to remind you that the makeup lesson discount offer expires on the 21st of December.  If you subscribe to my emails you will be entitled to the £30 discount, (makeup lessons are usually £150, but you will get it for £120).  Gift vouchers are available. I have been very busy with these and also packing and wrapping my (11) new makeup brush range.  These are £112 and include a makeup bag too.  They come in a beautiful, black [...]

Tina Brocklebank Luxury makeup brush set.

Makeup lesson offer and Makeup artist training for 2020.

Hello there! Thank you for subscribing for emails!  I have a list of all of you who have subscribed so far and I am calling this my Loyalty scheme. This means you can apply for a £30 discount for a make-up lesson! (usually priced at £150, so the lesson in total will be £120.)  This is for a limited period of time only and I only have a limited number of lessons I can offer for this promotion, there are only [...]