Make-up kit and studio

Tinas studio (false eyelashes and make-up)

False eyelashes.

To say I am obsessed with false eyelashes would be an understatement.  I always like to encourage wearing false lashes, especially if its for a special occasion, even if someone doesn't wear them.  They simply enhance your eyes and make you look like you have fuller, longer lashes...not a bad thing!  There are so many brands to chose from nowadays and there are lots of different styles too, so it can be a bit of a minefield when choosing. I [...]

A lovely card from Pixiwoo.

Pixiwoo/Real techniques…

I have been a huge fan of Sam Chapman and Nic Haste for many years now, (aka Pixiwoo), and I have been lucky enough to be in touch with Sam for a good number of years.  She is so down to earth and when I contacted her to ask if she could sign a card for my Daughter, she didn't hesitate!  I also managed to buy my daughter some Real Techniques brushes and she was so excited when she opened [...]

Bobbi Brown make-up palette!

  I am really impressed with the new Bobbi Brown lip palette, it caters for all skin tones and has lots of lip colours and textures to choose from, (please see photo by Melbourne photography.) This was taken at The Habrough hotel. I am getting very busy for the end of this year and also nearly booked up for next year, so please contact me to check availability/if you would like to book!

Sarafina proudly holding her certificate of achievement...

Bridal/wedding Make-up artist training in Lincolnshire…

I had the pleasure last week, of doing some Bridal/wedding make-up training for a budding Make-up artist, Emma Knight.  Emma came all the way from Suffolk to train with me and apparently has been a fan of my work for the past 2 years!  Emma has trained with the fantastic Pixiwoo and wanted more of a specialised make-up training in the art of Bridal/wedding make-up.  It was a full day!  We started at 9.30 am and after discussing the [...]

makeup kit cleaning

Bobbi Brown make-up obsession…

As a Make-up artist I am constantly updating my make-up kit and keeping up with the trends and changes in new ingredients.  I thought I would give the new Bobbi Brown compact Long-wear foundations a try.  I must say they are fantastic from my point of view, as they are more portable and compact, easier to use and apply. After trying the product on myself I must say, this product is a winner for me and I will certainly [...]