Bridal / Wedding / Special Occasion Make-Up/Mature/Teen/Prom

Simplicity is the key to beautiful make-up.  I believe that Bridal make-up should be special and every Bride should look like herself at her most beautiful.

With my vast knowledge and experience I will advise you and apply products to enhance you, without looking overly made up.

I believe it is not a time to try a look that is very trendy or radically different from your usual style, but it does need to be special…you don’t wear a wedding dress everyday!
The make-up I create is long-lasting, timeless and looks amazing in real-life and in photographs.

The wedding day is also special for family and friends, so consider booking make-up appointments for the whole bridal party too, i.e, Bridesmaids, Mother-of-the-Bride, Grooms’ Mum, Grandmothers, or any other female guests requiring make-up, (quotations available upon request, and will be e-mailed to you.)

Please note – Try to book these as soon as you book yourself, as I may not be available if you ask at a later date.

Make-up trial

It is essential that a make-up trial is arranged prior to your special occasion. This is an opportunity for you to discuss your requirements and for me to advise you on what works.

You will learn more about what is appropriate for you make-up wise and for your skin. By understanding your skin type, you are half way to a glowing, healthy complexion this will enable the make-up to last longer and look beautiful too.

I constantly meet ladies who have been using unsuitable skincare/make-up products. It is only when the correct products are used that the make-up can then be effective. I will show you how this is easily achieved using the best products and techniques.

Flowers, colour scheme, dress, bridesmaids, time of the year/wedding and the overall style and theme of the wedding/occasion will be discussed in order to create a make-up look which will enhance your natural beauty. Your make-up will then be applied.  The products used will be listed for you and a Personalised face chart designed.  This will enable you to purchase any products for any touch-ups required on the actual day/occasion.  (Please note, Tina is not affiliated with any brands and does not sell any make-up.)

I will have a copy of this for my records. I will also discuss timings and confirm all the relevant details too.  I also take a before and after photo, and email you this afterwards, (there is no pressure to have your photo posted on social media and this will be discussed on your trial.)

The professional make-up brands that I use are especially suitable for photographic work and therefore have maximum staying power and will minimise shine, while still giving a very natural look, however, if you preferred a more dramatic look then that is not a problem.  The way I apply the make-up and textures used ensure the look is natural and long-lasting.

The make-up trial usually takes about one hour. All of my clients find it to be a very enjoyable part of the pre-marital pampering.  I work on a one-to-one basis on the make-up trial to ensure you receive the best possible attention and service, (this means only Tina and the client allowed in the studio at one time.)

All make-up trials are £125.00, which include false eyelashes, which I offer as standard.

Wedding day make-up

On the day of your wedding I will arrive at your home or venue at the pre-arranged time. It is best for the hairdresser to have finished the hair before make-up is applied.
I prefer to apply the Brides’ make-up first, as from my experience, this relaxes her.  I then re-touch prior to me leaving.

Bridesmaids and Mother of the Brides make-up is then applied; each make-up will take approximately 30 minutes. The look that was created at the make-up trial will then be applied., (where applicable.)

This is the time of your day when you can sit back, relax and really start to enjoy what will be the most special day of your life.  I have all of my notes ready from the make-up trial with me, all you need to do is pour a glass of champagne and relax!

Prices start at *£250.00 (Bride: Make-up trial and wedding day make-up, both with false eyelashes.)  There are discounts for more than 2 ladies having their make-up applied.

Special occasion make-up

Special occasion make-up/evening make-up is usually done at my studio by appointment only – £125.00 (this includes skin prep, make-up, false eyelashes, personalised face chart and photo.)

Make-up lesson

The key to great looking make-up is the art of discovering your best facial features, accentuating the positive and minimising the negative.  Let me teach you how to love your individuality!

I will share with you my knowledge and experience of make-up and will teach you step-by-step how to create a beautiful, flawless and unique make-up style, using the right tools and products.

If you are getting married abroad or you would prefer to apply your own make-up on the day then a Bridal make-up lesson is essential, (see below.)

Make-up does look very different on photographs, there are certain textures and shades which should be avoided and others that look amazing when photographed. Remember your wedding photographs are with you for life and cannot be changed.

I will advise you on the correct skincare regime suitable for your skin type. A personalised face chart with a product list will be given to you following the make-up lesson, together with a *before and after photograph and a step by step guide to your make-up lesson, (e-mailed after the lesson.)

The lessons will be catered for your requirements and you will leave feeling confident about applying your own make-up.

*(Please note, there is no pressure for any photos taken to be posted on social media.  This will be discussed on the lesson.)

You can choose the following lessons –

Teenage Beauty (60 mins) £150.00
Ideal for the teenager who wants to begin a good beauty regime. Learn about skincare and have your make-up designed for especially for you. Be your own make-up artist!

Mature make-up lesson (60 mins) £150.00
Carefully selected products will help you to look better instantly, learn the best way to achieve a younger, fresher looking face.

Bridal Make-up Lesson/Make-up lesson for any age/occasion (60 mins) £150.00
Learn to how to be your own make-up artist! (includes personalised face chart and product list.)

Gift vouchers are available to purchase online.